Hi. I'm Dan.

I was raised on a farm in a small town on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. I started playing with cameras at the age of 11. I haven't stopped experimenting with light and colour since.


After obtaining a Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, I began working on numerous

film sets. I then moved to Toronto to pursue bigger sets, bigger movies and more learning. To this day, I've maintained my fascination with video, cameras, light and colour.


I started Boom Shoal in 2009. Like everything, the name has a story too - it comes from a business my father had (farming shellfish) on the east coast of Canada. I take great pride in it, and in everything my team and I do. We look forward to sharing our experience and passion with you. Let's play with some images, colour and light, shall we?

Customer Testimonials

We are focused on the great results for our partners/clients.

Here are a few examples of what they have said about us.

"If you are looking for an innovative production company that quickly understands and implements your vision, look no further than Boom Shoal"


- Heather Stables, KidKraft

"Arrived early to ensure how to set up in the room, which wasn’t easy for the Symposium in NYC – meeting was small and a large group of participants. Fantastic at editing and end product is what we want."

- Johanne Bertrand, Bayer

"We highly recommend Boom Shoal Enterprises for video production, their ability to produce very high quality music videos on a indie friendly budget, with quick turn time has made them the production company of choice for URBNET and our roster"

- Darryl Rodway, Urbnet Records

"Boom Shoal Enterprises are extremely reliable, go beyond expectations, and are expert videographers. They have a fresh, exciting and innovative style.  For example, they came forward with a style of filming certain shots at a faster speed/tempo and then slowed it back down so the lip singing timed up, to give the shot, what resulted in a beautiful aesthetic. On top of that, they're really cool people to meet!

- Rebecca Madamba, Musician

Other clients we work with

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